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Firm supports Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme

We have again been delighted to support local sixth form students from across Norfolk who are aspiring to a career in law, to explore the day-to-day realities of life in a busy city law firm.

For several years now, Fosters Solicitors has been invited by the Norfolk County Council’s Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme to take part in their online event, ‘An Introduction to Careers in Law’.

The Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme works to support students across the county aiming high for their future after Sixth Form.

A group of our colleagues at differing stages of their own legal career, chatted to some of the 100 students signed up for the event about different routes into law and what working at a law firm is like.

This included our apprentices, Joe Oram and Liberty Amies, alongside trainee solicitors, Taylor Walding, Tyler Clayton and Serena Djiakouris and qualified solicitors, Jordan Rodwell and Katy Dickinson. They were able to share their own experiences and tips about the differing educational and training paths available to ultimately become a solicitor.

Phyllis O’Grady from the Norfolk Higher Aspirations scheme commented: “It was a great evening and thank you again to Fosters Solicitors, your staff really did you proud. It was exactly the kind of information the students really needed to hear. Our colleague from the UEA, Lucy Barnes provided a clear overview of the structure of studying law and the examinations required before achieving fully qualified status, and it was a perfect follow on for students to then hear from real live people – not very much older than them – both qualified and at various stages of their training to make sense of this structure.

Excellent lessons and tips emerged, such as how important it is to keep an open mind as to what kind of area of law you wish to go into, the importance of trying to gain experience before and during your degree, and checking out what different degrees and training programmes offer you. This is why we value the support of organisations such as Fosters Solicitors in helping us provide our students with such real-life career experience.”

This article was produced on the 22nd March 2024 for information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as specific legal advice.