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Fosters supports local students with career advice

Fosters has been delighted to partner with the Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme to help deliver a law career event to local higher education students.

The ‘An Introduction to Careers in Law’ information event was held on the 2nd March for students keen to explore a career in law.

Two of our recently qualified solicitors, Anne Saunderson and Katy Dickinson, with their trainee colleague Flora Barrett, joined representatives from leading local universities, along with ex-Norfolk students currently studying or practicing law. They took part in a virtual question and answer session and break out chats with students invited along by the Higher Aspirations Scheme, as part of their innovative series of ‘Careers in’ evening events. They were able to share their own experiences of their career pathway and what it’s like to work at a legal firm.

Speaking about the event, Anne commented: “I was really happy to take part, as I would have loved the opportunity to speak to trainees and those newly qualified when I was starting out. Because we were able to give them real information on what it’s like to be a solicitor, the upsides and the challenges – but also the different qualifying routes and providing the assurance that they have plenty of time to reach their goal of working in the legal profession.


“We were also able to reassure them about A-level choices, while letting them know about the qualities that do help. One of our messages was that you need to be passionate about the law and resilient, because it’s a tough industry to get into. Some students pick subjects like law because they think they should, rather than because they have a genuine love of the subject – so if we have been able to help some students decide law is or is definitely not for them, then I think we have been successful.”

Fosters’ Head of Staff Care Heather Brown added: “We’ve worked with the Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme and Norfolk County Council for a few years now to help students gain a flavour of real-life career experiences within a legal practice – this virtual event the latest of these, which we’ve been delighted to support through the participation of three of our colleagues.

“Fosters also provides placement opportunities for young people through our summer vacation scheme – and an opportunity to join our trainee solicitor programme, applications for which are now being taken for our 2022 and 2023 intake.”

Phyllis O’Grady from the Norfolk Higher Aspirations scheme said: “We were delighted that Fosters were willing to maintain their much valued support and adjust so seamlessly to an online event, which had the added advantage of being accessible to more students. Nothing beats meeting real live practitioners, and their advice and support is invaluable.

“Students expressed their genuine gratitude for the event and all the advice received with lots of thank yous and thumbs up in the chat bar and several such as Holly, contacted us after the event to express their appreciation. She said, ‘I just wanted to say thank you for this event and I wondered if you could get a thank you message to Flora Barrett more specifically, as I was able to have a very helpful and insightful conversation about careers in law with her. Thank you again!’.”

If you are looking to pursue a career in law and would like more information on becoming a trainee solicitor at Fosters please visit our recruitment page, or email hbrown@fosters-solicitors.co.uk

This article was produced on the 16th March 2021 by our Communications team for information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as specific legal advice.