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Is it legal to leave my pet to someone in my Will?

In this Insights article, as part of our ‘Is it legal to…’ series, we explore the law surrounding our pets and our Will.

Pets play a huge part in our lives – for many people they are practically their children! It’s therefore only natural that we wish to ensure our pets are taken care of when we are no longer around.

Pets are defined as ‘chattels’, meaning you can ‘gift’ them to someone in your Will.

You could even choose a substitute beneficiary if your first choice is unable (or unwilling) to look after them.

If you have specific requests on how they are to be looked after, it may be advisable to draft a Letter of Wishes to accompany your Will.

Can I leave money to my pet?

You cannot leave money as a direct gift to your pet BUT fret not, you could leave money in trust, for the sole purpose of caring for your pets. You would need to appoint Trustees to look after and manage the money – so choose wisely!

Remember, that laws regarding pet-related provisions in wills can vary, so it is essential that you consult with legal professionals.

Also, it is worth remembering to keep your Will up to date to reflect any changes in your life or your pet’s life.

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This article was produced on the 15th November 2023 by our Wills, Trusts & Probate team for information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as specific legal advice.