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Latest podcast marks Norwich Theatre renewal

To mark the news of our continued relationship with Norwich Theatre, we are delighted to launch the most recent episode of our You + Us and the law podcast series.

Fosters Solicitors joined the Norwich Theatre’s corporate membership scheme for the first time last year and are delighted to have now further extended this into 2023-24.

In our latest podcast episode ‘Law in the creative field’, our hosts Jamie Arnall and Chris Brown are joined by special guest Stephen Crocker, Chief Executive & Creative Director of Norwich Theatre, who eloquently contextualises the practicalities and use of the legal process in a creative setting.

With around half a million visitors a year to their Norwich venues and annual turnover of approximately £18 million, we explore the challenges of running such a business in a rapidly evolving society and unpredictable economy.

Post-pandemic, we touch upon the unprecedented test this placed upon the organisation and how it highlighted both the cultural and commercial importance of the organisation to our community.

Commenting on the news of our continued membership, Partner of Fosters Solicitors, Jamie Arnall said: “We are so pleased to be continuing our relationship with Norwich Theatre after what has been such a successful first year of corporate membership. It has helped provide us with a number of exclusive benefits which we have been able to share with our colleagues and also some interesting and new networking opportunities with our fellow corporate members, with the ultimate benefit of supporting our local arts and creative community.  We are therefore so looking forward to be continuing to work with Norwich Theatre on further interesting projects over this coming year.

“We’d also like to send our sincere thanks to Stephen Crocker for joining us on our podcast, You + Us and the Law. It was an absolute pleasure to hear from him about his role at Norwich Theatre and how the creative industry touches and interacts with the legal sector.”

Lauren Farley, Business Development Manager at Norwich Theatre added: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome Fosters Solicitors back for their second year of membership here with us.

“From the moment I met the team from Fosters, I knew that they were an organisation which aligned perfectly with our values and just fully embraced everything the membership embodied, from being a part of our networking events, to staff taking full advantage of the perks and benefits. I am absolutely thrilled we will be working closely with Fosters again for this second year.”

You + Us and the law

Fosters Solicitors are excited to bring you a series of podcasts looking at life in and around the legal industry.

Each episode we meet with a new guest to discuss their life, career and interests and to chat through how they interact with the legal industry and what they really think about it.

There are no legal updates here – only conversation about what life as a lawyer is really like and how our industry touches the lives of those connected to it.

If you would like to share any thoughts or comments with us, or suggest a topic for a future podcast, please contact us via podcast@fosters-solicitors.co.uk

For more information and to take a listen at all our available episodes, please visit our podcasts page.

Details on how to join the Norwich Theatre’s Corporate Membership can be found on their website.

This article was produced on the 17th August 2023 for information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as specific legal advice.