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NCFC Community Hero: Henry Webb

Our February Community Hero, in partnership with Norwich City Football Club, is seven-year-old Canary fan Henry Webb from Wymondham, who has been spending his free time raising money for a local care home.

He spent many of his evenings throughout November and December reading books to residents of Windmill House via Zoom.

He told us, “If I’m not reading, I’m doing something probably to do with football!”

When Henry’s mum, Becky, started a new job at the care home in November, he struggled to understand why she was away so much, whilst Becky’s care home was struggling to find ways to put on fundraising events.

Their usual fundraising events like coffee mornings and donkey visits would normally help to update Windmill House’s sensory equipment and organise wellbeing activities. However, with COVID restrictions tight at the care home and no outsiders given access to the building, their options were limited.

The young Canary came up with an idea that would not only mean he would be able to see his mum, but he would also keep the residents entertained and raise some money whilst doing so.

The pair set up the Facebook page ‘Bedtime stories with Henry’ along with a GoFundMe page for people to sponsor him and donate towards Windmill House.

He read to the residents most nights, choosing books like The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Aliens love Underpants.

“I was reading more younger books as a lot of other people were watching, not just the care home.”

The Facebook page eventually expanded to 154 members that would tune in every night to listen and the video would then be shared to the Wymondham and Wicklewood Facebook pages, meaning Henry would be reading to around 500 people every night.

“I went into the care home once and met everybody, so I knew who I was doing it for.”

Around Christmas, Henry also personally hand-wrote 57 Christmas cards to every single resident in the care home.

Becky referred to him as “a little local celebrity!”

The original fundraising target was £500, but with the help of the local community and with wording spreading fast about his good work, the final total was £1,000.

Becky told us, “We didn’t expect it to take off as much as it did. Every single penny has gone to the care home for their sensory development, something quite important with dementia patients.

“All of those things that can be updated is because of what he’s achieved on his own. I sat behind the camera and pressed record; I didn’t do anything else. He did it all.”

Henry’s next plans to help the care home include looking into organising audiobooks for the residents to listen to.

Henry said, “I’ve enjoyed doing it so much and doing this has made me want to read more!”

Henry and his family are at the Crystal Palace match – we hope you enjoy the game!

Every month during the 2021-22 Premier League season, the club and Fosters choose a ‘Community Hero’ for a selected matchday, highlighting some wonderful people and good-causes in our community.

For more information on the Norwich City Community Hero and how to nominate a deserving person please visit the NCFC website.