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Road Safety Week 2022


This year’s National Road Safety Week has launched (November 14-20), with the aim of promoting ‘Safe Roads for All’ and raising awareness of changes to The Highway Code.

Back in January 2022, 50 rules within the Highway Code were either added or updated. However, recent research has suggested many may not have read or even be aware of these changes, leading to a variety of both government and campaign organisations trying to educate road users to improve safety on our UK roads.

Road Safety Week, coordinated by road charity Break, is one such initiative – and one we endorse due to our regular work of supporting those who have been involved and injured in road traffic accidents.

This year’s theme is certainly an important and much-needed one, helping to raise awareness of all road users to the changes that affect them.

Key updates to The Highway Code included the introduction of a hierarchy of road users, prioritising those thought most vulnerable, such as those on foot and bicycle. They also included updates on safe passing distances and the speeds for people driving when overtaking certain types of road users such as people rising horses and cyclists.

For more information on the changes to The Highway Code, please visit gov.uk.

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