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Seven Figure Settlement for Injured Cyclist

Head of Personal Injury at Fosters, Steve Green, has successfully settled a claim for a cyclist who suffered a severe head injury when he was struck by a car whilst riding his cycle.

The case was far from straightforward as there were no independent witnesses to the accident and our client’s injuries meant he had no recollection of the collision, which the defendant maintained was entirely our client’s fault.

An early attempt to resolve the claim out of court was unsuccessful so we issued proceedings. The defendant maintained his denial of liability and ultimately the matter was listed for a three-day trial just to decide liability.

However, the week before the trial was due to start, the defendant indicated they wished to try and settle the claim out of court and via a series of offers and counter offers made over a 48 hour period, we were able to secure a settlement for our client some five-times the defendant’s opening offer. The final offer being accepted just before 6pm the day before the trial was due to start.

We were subsequently able to assist our client’s family in setting up a Personal Injury Trust for the investment of his damages to ensure he has a regular income to secure his long-term care.

Steve Green is a member of the Headway Panel and has successfully represented many clients with a head injury over the past 30 years.

If you have suffered a head injury, even if you think it was your fault, we may be able to help you.

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This article was produced on the 17th June 2020 by our Personal Injury & Group Actions team for information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as specific legal advice.