At the end of the day, most of us go to work in order to get paid. We all have bills to pay and we budget our expenditure based upon how much we earn.

If you are not paid, or you don’t receive everything that you are entitled to, we know how stressful this can be and the knock-on effects that it can have on your ability to pay your bills.

We understand that getting things corrected quickly is understandably your top priority.

There are many circumstances where you might not have been paid properly. You may not have been paid for certain hours that you have worked, you might have received a rate of pay that is lower than what you are entitled to or you may have had pay deducted from your salary.

We can help you ensure you get everything you are entitled to.

How we can help

If you feel that you have not been paid everything that you are entitled to, please contact our Employment team, and we can discuss whether you are owed any more money and if so, how we are best to secure this quickly for you.

Recognised and recommended

Our Employment team are recognised in The Legal 500 UK 2022 for “a friendly yet extremely professional attitude with 100% commitment to do the best for its clients.”

Informative, reassuring, swift and incredibly efficient. Doug really went the extra mile by offering telephone support during my investigation, thank you so much.
Client feedback 2021

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