Working in a professional capacity can often require you and your organisation to adhere to a particular code of conduct and comply to the standards set by a relevant professional regulatory body.

This is particularly the case for those working in the medical, legal, financial and teaching professions – and for public sector organisations such as the police.

Failure to comply, incompetence or inappropriate/unlawful activities can lead to suspension, dismissal and being removed or ‘struck off’ from a professional register – and in severe circumstances, criminal charges could also be brought. There can also be reputational and financial repercussions and penalties for the practice or firm and its key people.

We can help support both individuals and organisations facing a professional discipline investigation – as well as helping our clients to proactively take steps to ensure their regulatory compliance.

How we can help

We appreciate that a professional disciplinary investigation can be incredibly stressful, whether as a witness, suspect or business. It can affect your ability to work or function and potentially result in loss of reputation and livelihood.

Our expert team are experienced in supporting both individuals and organisations through dealing with investigative processes, which includes being able to assist with internal investigations and speak formally to those involved as either witnesses to, or suspects of, the misconduct alleged.

We will do everything we can to ensure that we obtain the best possible outcome for you – and understand the time critical and sensitive nature of your matter.

We can also provide advice on regulatory compliance, assisting you to proactively engage with regulators and professional bodies and represent you in any dealings with them.

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