Data protection is an increasingly important area of compliance for any business that holds personal data – whether this relates to customers, employees or any other individuals.

We can help you to fulfil your data protection obligations.

How we can help

Our experts are vastly experienced in helping support organisations in all areas of data protection and crisis management – from advice on how best to increase the protections you have in place and dealing with subject access requests, to navigating data breaches and responding to complaints.

Data protection policies and compliance

A good starting point is having strong compliance processes in place. These include a proper data protection policy and privacy notice, as well as ensuring that your employees understand the data obligations placed upon the business and how to respond appropriately to situations that may arise.

We can advise you on how best to increase the protections that you have in place.

Subject Access Request

One of the more commonly encountered challenges that data protection compliance presents are subject access requests. This is where an individual asks for copies of the data your business holds in relation to them.

These requests can be tricky to respond to and there are rules and processes that you must follow in doing so. In addition, you may have data that you are nervous about sharing and you may want to know whether you can withhold. We can advise you on how best to respond.

Data breaches

A data breach occurs when personal data that your business holds is accessed by somebody that does not have permission to view it. This could be because the data is lost, sent to the wrong person accidentally, or even stolen.

If your business has suffered a data breach, there are rules about the way in which you should respond and time limits for doing so. We can advise you on how best to respond to the breach.

You have received a complaint

No matter how good your data protection compliance is, from time to time you will likely have somebody that is unhappy with how you have used or protected their data. We can advise you about whether we feel the complaint is well-founded and how best to deal with it

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