Intellectual property covers a broad range of protections which exist to allow your business to secure the things that it creates and also its brand.

Those intellectual property protections which are most commonly encountered by businesses are trademarks and copyright.

We can help you to protect your creative work and your brand.

How we can help

Our experts can help you and your organisation with trademarks and copyright – whether that’s advice on how to protect your brand and assisting you through the process involved, or if you have any concerns regarding infringement and guidance over permissions and protection.

Trademark registration

Trademarks help to protect the identity of your brand – the things which help your customers or clients to identify your business.

Most commonly these are business names, corporate logos or marketing catchphrases or straplines which make people think of your business when they hear them.

Trademarks can be a surprisingly affordable way in which to protect these associations and ensure that no other business can unfairly take advantage of the brand that you have built up.

We can talk you through everything you need to know, from how a trademark can help protect your brand to what is involved in the process.

Trademark infringement

You may be faced with a situation where you have been contacted alleging that something you are doing is infringing the trademark of a third party.

Receiving news like this can be stressful and it can be difficult to know what to do next. Burying your head in the sand and hoping it will go away is seldom the right response.

We can advise you on whether we think that the complaint you have received is well founded and how best to deal with it – and advise you about the best way forwards and seek to put your mind at rest.


Copyright is a protection that exists in a range of works, where some level of effort has gone into creating them. It can exist in written documents, artistic and photographic works, musical pieces and even less ‘creative’ things such as databases and fixture lists.

Copyright protects the works in question from being copied or used without permission, subject to a small number of limited exceptions.

We can explain exactly how the law relating to copyright works – helping you to understand whether things your business has created are protected, if you are able to use works created by other people, or provide advice if you have been told that you are using somebody else’s copyright works without their permission.

Recommended and recognised

Our Intellectual Property services are recognised in The Legal 500 UK 2024, with Jamie Arnall and Charlotte Darkins also recommended for their work in this area.

Intellectual Property Disputes

If you would like to seek advice about a dispute over the use of a trademark and enforcing claims of infringement, our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team are expert in their support. and are available for a free no obligation chat to discuss your situation.

They were quickly able to understand our business, and they also have a breadth of knowledge that has allowed them to assist on a range of IP matters; this has allowed the business to keep moving and provide our clients with confidence that we are trusted advisors.
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