It is vital for your business to have sensible commercial terms in place with your customers, suppliers and contractors.

If something goes wrong and you don’t have a contract in place, you could be left without vital protections and it may be you left footing the bill.

Well-drafted contracts or terms and conditions help to ensure that you and those that you serve – or those that serve you – are all on the same page. It should help to avoid costly mistakes or misunderstandings, by being clear about who is responsible for what and how the relationship will work.

We can help you to secure your arrangements with others.

How we can help

Whether you regularly enter into certain types of agreement and could benefit from template terms, or would like to start a new relationship or project in the right way, our commercial experts can help support you and your organisation with our agreement review and drafting services.

Template contracts or terms and conditions

Many businesses that enter into the certain kinds of arrangement on a regular basis (for example, selling particular goods or services to their customers, or routinely using the services of third party contractors) find that having template agreements or template terms and conditions can help to make the process of agreeing terms a lot more straightforward.

If you don’t currently use template terms in your business, but think you could benefit from having them, we can discuss which template terms we think you might benefit from and how best to get them in place.

Contracts for a specific project or relationship

You may be about to enter into a new project or relationship which will require a contract.

You may have been sent a contract to review or you may have been asked to provide a draft of the contract yourself.

In either case, our Business & Commercial team are experts at reviewing and drafting all manner of commercial agreements, whether they are with your customers, your suppliers or your contractors.

We can work with you to help secure a contract that protects your business and allows your new project or relationship to start on the right footing.

Recognised and recommended

Our Business & Commercial team are recommended in four categories in The Legal 500 UK 2024 – with several colleagues receiving special recognition and head of department Jamie Arnall acknowledged as a ‘Next Generation Partner’.

Their attention to detail and the level of effort they make in ensuring they’re fully across the matter in hand and needs of their client is second to none.
The Legal 500 UK

Our commercial team