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Summer Vacation Scheme

Applications are now closed for our Summer Vacation Scheme in 2024. Details for the 2025 scheme will be available towards the end of this year.

The scheme annually offers two-week voluntary placements in our Norwich office for a small number of students to gain practical experience working with us in our award-winning practice areas. Successful applicants will undertake a variety of tasks including research, working on current client files under supervision, attending client meetings and completing general administrative tasks.

Although this scheme is closed, we are currently accepting applications from potential trainee solicitors looking to commence recognised periods of training in Autumn 2026.

More details on how to apply before the deadline of 28th June 2024 can be found here.

Our five students having successfully completed their two-week placements at our Norwich central branch (2023).

We have organised our Summer Vacation Scheme for higher-education students now for a number of years, here is some of the feedback we have received from some of the students who have previously participated.

“The thing I have enjoyed most at my time at Fosters is how inclusive the staff are. They have made sure that the work I am doing is valuable to both me and them and have ensured that I have understood how to do tasks and why these tasks are important. All the staff I have encountered have been both polite and patient with me.”

“The most valuable part of my time at Fosters has been the insight into what it is like to be a solicitor. Prior to attending the Vacation Scheme at Fosters I did not have much work experience in law. Furthermore, I did not have any connections in the legal world so found it hard to grasp what is expected in a law firm and the sort of tasks completed on a daily basis. Therefore, being able to sit alongside solicitors, paralegals and personal assistants has helped me understand the different roles required in a law firm and enabled me to gain invaluable connections.

“Being able to sit in on initial consultations has been really enjoyable because it has allowed me to see the way in which those in practice deal with clients and create solutions to their problems.”

“Being able to speak with trainees and other staff members on career paths/options. I found the trainee Q&A really useful as the experience of the trainees allowed them to answer questions that universities are usually less clear on.”

“The work has been interesting and enjoyable and the people have been lovely!”

“The type of tasks and work that I’ve been given – it’s all been really interesting and varied, and I feel like the work I’ve done over the week has helped people in the department and made a tangible difference, rather than completing tasks that don’t particularly add any value. Everyone in the department has also made so much effort to ensure the work is engaging and interesting for me, which I really appreciate.”

My experience working at Fosters has been excellent. The staff are extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable as soon as I arrived. I have had the opportunity to sit in on client conferences, write letters instructing experts, view and edit contracts and much more. The variety of work has been invaluable in giving me an idea of what it is like to be a solicitor. I would recommend the Fosters vacation scheme to anyone interested in becoming a solicitor.

“The most valuable part of my time at Fosters was how approachable, helpful, and friendly the staff were! I felt this made the environment extremely stressless and I was never made to feel uncomfortable for asking questions throughout the two weeks. All the staff, including firm partners, always had time to talk to me and help me with tasks that I may have found challenging. I was always given interesting work and I was able to attend lots of client meetings and court hearings, which I found the most interesting and insightful! I feel that this experience has been invaluable for pursuing my legal career as I was given personal and real-life guidance and advice on how to best achieve my ambitions from a variety of colleagues who have all taken different routes to get to where they are now.”

 “Those I had the pleasure of working with have made me feel welcome and supported throughout this experience. What makes Fosters a particularly attractive firm is the open environment in which each team works, and the way everyone communicates, as this has allowed me to learn a significant amount which I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do. I have been treated like a member of the team and been given several opportunities to share my own opinions, reach my own judgments and conduct research to support existing cases.”

“I have really enjoyed my two weeks at Fosters. I have had the privilege of being given the opportunity to draft articles, witness statements, questions to experts, and judgement summaries. Everyone on all the teams that I have had the pleasure to work with has been incredibly welcoming, friendly, and happy to provide advice and feedback. Fosters strikes me as a very sociable place to work and getting the opportunity to talk to the trainees and partners was very enlightening. I wish to thank everyone at Fosters, particularly the residential conveyancing team, litigation and dispute team, the medical negligence team, all the trainees, and Heather Brown for this amazing opportunity.”

I had a fantastic experience at Fosters, especially when it came to seeing the real-life implementation of the law. The kindness, warmth, and patience displayed by everyone at the firm made me feel welcomed. The work environment at Fosters far exceeded my expectations, and I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and helpfulness of the entire team. Not only did this experience provide valuable insights into the practical workings of the law, but it also emphasised the significance of fostering a supportive and collaborative workplace culture.”