At Fosters Solicitors we understand that defamatory conduct can be devastating to the livelihood of both businesses and individuals concerned about a healthy reputation in peril.

Although there is no single, definitive interpretation from a judge about what constitutes a defamatory statement – an assessment we often use as lawyers is whether or not a statement complained of tends generally to lower the reputation of the injured party in the estimation of right-thinking members of society.

Common examples include libel, the more lasting form (such as words), or slander (for example spoken words or gestures).

Malicious falsehood, is a statement made maliciously that causes loss to a claimant.

Our experts can guide you through the often complex process of resolving this type of dispute in a cost-effective, simplified manner that puts you in control.

How we can help

We will consider your case carefully to ensure we fully understand what you want to achieve and look to explore effective solutions early on, so you can move on. At Fosters we recognise that this does not always mean following a litigation route.

We will help you consider all options including recourse to other legal remedies, for example those associated with malicious falsehood (used to protect economic interests where there is publication of false words that cause loss).

Our aim is to give you the perspective you need to make informed decisions about how to move forward. We are happy to have an initial phone discussion, without obligation on you, to ascertain how best we can assist. We offer initial consultations to new clients at reduced rates providing face-to-face or virtual meeting advice, followed up in writing.

Our experienced and skilled litigators will support and guide you through the dispute resolution process in a professional manner. We focus on resolving disputes quickly and proportionately without the need to resort to the expense of litigation if it can be avoided. If a court ordered remedy is the only realistic solution, we will ensure you get the advice and assistance you need.

Recognised and recommended

Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team are recognised in The Legal 500 UK 2024 in four categories, and are recommended for ‘easy access to staff, timely response to queries and excellent client advice‘.

The whole team at Fosters promotes a friendly and professional attitude. The litigation process is daunting for a lay person and the team at Fosters display an in-depth knowledge of all the associated subjects, which puts the clients at ease.
The Legal 500 UK 2023

Our litigation & dispute resolution team